About The Author

Christopher L. DelGuercio has been a creator and purveyor of speculative fiction for nearly a quarter-century. He began his writing career seated alone at a tiny desk in Liverpool, New York. Now he writes, seated alone, at a tiny desk in Clay, New York. In between there were stops at tiny desks in Watertown, Cicero, Baldwinsville, and Fulton. A lot of places, a lot of desks . . . and a lot of writing. 

In the realm of storytelling he is a lover of all that is weird and wonderful, sublimely surreal, a fan of the fanciful and the phantasmagoric. If the tale is preternatural or mysterious or astonishing in nature, if it's well-written and blows your hair back, chances are good he can get into it.

Mr. DelGuercio has authored many long and short stories alike, including the CNY Book-of-the-Year-nominated novella, Eden Succeeding. His particular brand of “fantastic fiction” has appeared in print and on the internet for over fifteen years in many magazines, e-zines, serializations, anthologies, and podcasts. He's published many yarns since 2007, and produced many more recently, culminating in the publication of his FIRST FULL-LENGTH COMPILATION of stories, An Unsettled Score, bringing together twenty of his best past and present tales into one magnum opus. So if you like spec-fic, the offbeat, and the original, check out this book. It might just be something you can get into, too.

In addition to his years of writing, DelGuercio has served as editor for multiple novels from up-and-coming local authors, served as a fiction writing instructor at the YMCA's Downtown Writers Center since 2009 (where he also co-founded the Young Authors Academy), and has given numerous presentations on the writing process at CNY-area high schools. He is currently the faculty advisor for the Liverpool Literary Society.  

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