The Collected Twisted Visions of Christopher L. DelGuercio 

UPDATE! The NEW hardcovers have arrived! Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to get them just right. These deluxe editions are upgraded from the ones available through Amazon and other booksellers. They're a little larger format, with a bit more content, and a dust jacket. I'll be bringing them to my events if you'd like to purchase one there, or contact me through this site to order your signed copy!


THE NEW BOOK, An Unsettled Score: The Collected Twisted Visions of Christopher L. DelGuercio is now available online from Phase 5 Publishing. Click the link below!

"A wild ride ... DelGuercio is a master craftsman." -David Grannis Moore, author of Harpies

"DelGuercio's prose stands out from that of many other fantasy writers." -Megan Davidson, author of The Thundering

"Nearly any Christopher DelGuercio story that you read today will age well and be just as good five, ten years down the road. He writes the kind of stories that endure." -Linda Lowen, author of Secret Syracuse: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

An Unsettled Score is an anthology of short works by author Christopher L. DelGuercio. The collection includes twenty twisted tales of speculative fiction penned by the hand of one of the burgeoning voices of the genre. Populated by thrilling adventures on far-flung alien worlds and dystopian futurescapes, from mind-bending surrealities to nightmarish encounters with evil, from the bitingly satirical and subversive to the overtly comical, these dark-hearted tales of monsters and mayhems are designed to entertain and delight, to surprise and to move.

Through diverse methods of storytelling ranging from poetic verse and flash fiction to novella-length narratives, this fictioneer of the fantastic casts his spell over the reader with the greatest aplomb. In the rich tradition of such luminaries of the short form as Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, and Kurt Vonnegut, an exciting new name, Christopher L. DelGuercio, may now be added to that firmament with his first published collection,  An Unsettled Score

If you’re in the mood for a hearty stew of stories to feed your cravings for the bizarre, the wondrous, and the macabre, add this book to your shelf and dare yourself to put it down.

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Praise for Christopher DelGuercio's previous book Eden Succeeding

"Chris DelGuercio has crafted a fascinating dystopia in Eden Succeeding, wonderfully describing a world that feels like an H.R. Giger painting. I am eager to read more from this upcoming author."  --David Peters, editor, Fried Fiction

"The classic sci-fi trope -- Earthlings colonizing an alien planet -- finds new life in Christopher DelGuercio's debut novelette which offers a fresh, provocative, and chilling take on what it means to be human. From the ties that bind husband and wife to the concept of survival at all costs, DelGuercio superimposes society's most difficult ethical dilemmas onto a world in which change is the only constant -- and places its moral compass in the stained and reluctant hands of The Meatman, a hero whose voice rings heartbreaking and true. While justice on this brave new world may be up for grabs, if there's any justice on Earth this edition will be the first of many subsequent visits to DelGuercio's dangerous and seductive Eden."  --Linda Lowen, award-winning author, columnist, and contributor

"A positively excellent story . . . kinky and evocative . . . without a single padded scene or wasted sentence . . . It's fast, fun action, but it ain't just filler. Every scene builds on the previous and informs the upcoming . . . The main characters are believable and nuanced and DelGuercio manages to create emotional investment within the framework of a sci-fi thriller. No small feat. I'm impressed . . . DelGuercio is one bright spot on a plate of nori. He's like salmon roe."  --TQR Stories

"Christopher DelGuercio's novelette, Eden Succeeding, is a chilling and creative work of speculative fiction. Full of luscious detail, disturbing and disturbed characters, and a haunting sense of dread that lingers long after the book is safely on the shelf. Eden succeeds, not only in completely engaging its readers but also by leaving them yearning for more."  --Megan Davidson, author of The Thundering