Christopher L. DelGuercio

Fictioneer of the Fantastic

Christopher L. DelGuercio 

Short Story Author of Speculative Fiction

This webpage is devoted to bringing you, the readers, everything you need to know about author Christopher L. DelGuercio's collection of short stories entitled, An Unsettled Score: The Collected Twisted Visions of Christopher L. DelGuercio

His latest book is a retrospective of sorts, covering the best of his previously published work (all newly edited and expanded) combined with his most recent tales of intrigue. With twenty stories in total, Mr. DelGuercio has brought you a book sure to incite and delight, entice and entertain. Enjoy!  

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After a good long while the wait is finally over! An Unsettled Score: The Collected Twisted Visions of Christopher L. DelGuercio is now available for purchase (See the links at the bottom of this page.)

Find out about all the places you'll be able to catch Chris DelGuercio as he tours the CNY area promoting the release of his upcoming book. Listen to the author speak and get a signed copy!

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The fourth section of the popular fiction-writing series, The Writer's Life with Chris DelGuercio, offered virtually this summer at The Downtown Writers Center. Sign up below!

Visit the author on his Facebook Author page, his Instagram page, sign up for one of his classes at The YMCA's Downtown Writers Center, or buy a copy of his new book at Phase 5 Publishing or Amazon at the links provided below.